During a strategic planning session held in October 2009 the following four areas were identified as focus areas by the alumnae present at the meeting:

Mentoring and Leadership Development: The mentoring program will create opportunities for current students and graduates to exchange ideas and receive feedback from alumnae mentors who will act as role models for personal and professional development.

Activities and Events: The purpose of this committee is to arrange different activities and events that are of interest to alumni, students and the community.

Career and Professional Development: A career development program will create an opportunity for graduates to exchange ideas and develop professionally.

Community Service Program: A community service program will provide an opportunity for dedicated and motivated alumni who would like to donate their time, energy, talents, or personal resources to work within the community offering needed support and services.

On November 29th the Abu Dhabi Alumni Association had its inaugaral meeting. The Power Point from this exciting meeting is attached below.

To coincide with the UAE’s 39th National Day, the Alumni Affairs Office hosted the inagural meeting of the Abu Dhabi Alumni Association on November 29, 2010. Osha Al Nahyan (2008, International Studies graduate) welcomed alumni present as “true and creative ambassadors of Zayed University” and announced the launch of the Alumni Center for Community Enhancement in Abu Dhabi as an umbrella organization for all alumni initiatives. She noted that through this organization Zayed University’s graduates will “aspire to pay back some of the favors of our univeristy and country.”

During the opening meeting of the AUH Alumni Association on November 29th the amazing ZU graduates spoke about there interest in graduates working with the university in the future.

From Sarra Al Hasani (2008, Health Sciences) Natural Sciences and Public Health

"I would like to start by thanking the Alumni Office for hosting such amazing events. As a representative of Natural Sciences and Public Health Alumni group, I believe that our main goal is to become the link between the students, the community, and Zayed University. One of our main objectives is to provide information about our department to current and prospective students and get them interested in all fields of science. We are keen on spreading awareness of many health issues facing our society today and develop a research community that aims towards producing students and graduates capable of conducting and implementing research on various fields of health that is rich with cutting edge technology. At last, I believe that the Alumni Association is working under the umbrella of inspiring change and not forcing it, because inspiration is what young Emiratis need"

From Fatima FarajBinHamooda (2002, College of Business)

"I would like to emphasize the importance of alumni associations as a very effective method of diffusing and reinforcing Emirati values and interests. After we have received a top quality education from Zayed University, the association will form a strong network of highly qualified people who are destined to hold high level positions in various sectors, while providing a valuable source of support to each other and a great source of influence to our university and the country. Today’s meeting is the first building block in laying these foundations for ourselves and future graduates from Zayed University. I encourage you to maintain communication with the connections you have made today as this will be a key step in fostering our development as a team."
We've attached the PowerPoint Presentation of the Program for you here: