Zayed University Alumnae Association

Vision: Develop a permanent relationship between Zayed University and its graduates that will contribute to the lifelong learning of alumni, the development of the University, and the growth of the nation.

Mission: To create an environment that encourages alumni to become ambassadors for Zayed University in the UAE and internationally.


1. Improve communication between University and alumni
2. Launch Alumni Association of Zayed University
3. Liaison with Colleges, Senior Administration, and Current Students
4. Create schedule of Alumni Association events
5. Involve Alumni Association in career services
6. Develop new areas of operation for Alumni Affairs that link alumni and current students with community needs

Focus of Alumnae Association

After the strategic planning session in October 2009 the following four areas were identified as focus areas by the alumnae present:
Mentoring and Leadership Development: The mentoring program will create opportunities for current students and graduates to exchange ideas and receive feedback from alumnae mentors who will act as role models for personal and professional development.
Activities and Events: The purpose of this committee is to arrange different activities and events that are of interest to alumni, students and the community.
Career and Professional Development: A career development program will create an opportunity for graduates to exchange ideas and develop professionally.
Community Service Program: A community service program will provide an opportunity for dedicated and motivated alumni who would like to donate their time, energy, talents, or personal resources to work within the community offering needed support and services.